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“).appendTo(jq_game.parent().css(“padding”, 0));
$(“.gamecontainer”).css(“display”, “block”);
$(“.gameselect_full”).css(“display”, “block”);
$(“#rightcolumn”).css(“display”, “block”);
$(“.container”).css(“display”, “block”);
$(“#footer”). css(“display”, “block”);
“height”: i_window_height,
“width”: $(window).width(),
“text-align”: “left”,
“left”: 0,
“position”: “absolute”

jq_game.not(‘.disabled’).css(“display”, “block”);
$(“.gamecontainer .container iframe”).css({
‘width’: ‘100%’,
‘height’: ‘100%’

// $.scrollTo($(“#rightcolumn .infoblock2_1”));

$(window).resize(function() {
var jq_gameselect_full = $(“.gameselect_full”);
if (jq_gameselect_full.length == 1) {
var jq_game = $(“.gamecontainer”).children();
var i_window_height = $(window).height() – $(“#header”).height() + 13;
“height”: i_window_height, “width”: $(window).width()


Adobe Flash is Disabled.
Increase browser windows size to display the game properly.

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Conduct trade and get your economy rolling. Build your city into a mighty metropolis and defend it against orcs, goblins and trolls!

You can also play via a downloadable client on your PC. See below.

Download Goodgame Emprie for PC here

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